larry The Soundman

I did my first recording job in 1962 when my dad bought me my first tape recorder. I had three microphones, a mixer, no extension cables and was trying to record local rock and roll bands!

In 1963 I got a dream job in a recording studio owned by Ed Down, one of those “golden ears” you hear so much about. I learned to listen to the music as well as what hardware needed to do to make a good sound.

I also played professionally in several groups – mostly rock – while in college.

In 1969 I “went on the road” doing live sound and tech for a year and a half.

One of my favorite gigs over the years was...          

                                           The Kansas Music Hall Of Fame - January of 2005

I was excited and pleased to do front of house sound for the Kansas Music Hall Of Fame. The really cool part was that almost all of the inductees had recorded at Audio House in the '60s! They included Kansas, The Fabulous Flippers, The Red Dogs, The Blue Things, Rodney and the Blazers, and the Chessmann. We do this show every year (now in April.)

Audio House Sound has experience with both indoor and outdoor sound

  • classical choir
  • pop choir
  • a capella vocal groups
  • folk
  • theater
  • rock
  • metal
  • punk
  • rap
  • vocal bands
  • jazz bands
  • raves
  • dance parties
  • weddings