Make Some Noise!

We'll provide live sound and light shows for any event:  festival, concert, party, or wedding - indoors or out - with live streaming available 

About Us

Our Service

We've just added multi-camera video and live streaming equipment to help you with your production. We can record your video to post later or live stream it. Short sample Longer sample We have a large array of equipment that provide the perfect experience for all locations and venues of any size. We empahsize the experience on stage, as we feel the musical group will provide a better perfomance if they are compfortable with what they hear. Our newest offering is the Photon Connection Show. A premium light show that contains a customized experience created by The Soundman.

Booking an Event?

We take pride in providing the best live sound and light show in Kansas City. We ensure that your event will be stress-free and well organized. So sit back, relax, and leave things to us! Of course we can provide a mult-camera setup for you to live stream your show. Ask us for details. 

Quotes from Customers

 "I wanted to thank you again for providing some really fabulous sound that night."

"Everyone was really pleased that for once we had sound that was loud AND clean."

"There were also definitely lasers, many many lasers....The place looked like the Death Star trench run ...."